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Real Story of Jesus

Real Story of Jesus A Jewish youth who performed miracles in the first century that are difficult to imagine even today. A Messiah who removed negative energies from people and introduced them to heaven. Who raised the dead to life and proved that He was no ordinary man. Some people considered him to be the son of God, some considered him to be God, but some even crucified him. Ras’s life was very mysterious. At the age of 12, he suddenly disappeared from Jerusalem and returned after 18 long years. After all, where was he during these eighteen years? Did he die after his crucifixion or was it possible that he was alive even after that? After all, what was the promise plant that the person talked about?

Real Story of Jesus life

What is the relation of Jesus with Banaras, India? Today we will learn about these mysteries, so read this article till the end. Hello friends, there are many speculations about the unknown years of Jesus, but there is also a story of which we can see some signs. This story is Jesus. Jesus was born in a cave ten kilometers south of Nehru-Salem. It is noteworthy that after the birth of Jesus, three people came looking for him from the east, who were known as Free Wise Men. People have speculated that they might have come from Iraq, Iran or Saudi Arabia but the thought of India did not come to anyone’s mind.

We get an indication of this from history but 3000 years old Baalveer Vipul is present among them while making India. There is some basis for the fact that bulls and elephants were used for this. Indian artisans have definitely left their marks wherever they have worked. You can see lotuses on the hair on the pillars of the temple, which was found only in India. And this flower was not present anywhere in Lebanon. Apart from this, there is a traditional way of worshiping one’s Guru in India which is called beauty treatment. For this ritual, the stone is carved in such a way that it has 16 angles.

One such Guru Puja is called Guru Puja Pet. One such Guru Puja is present in the fuel temple. This shows that the trade has been going on between these two leaders since the beginning and people from India have been going there. Friends, in those days, baby loans from India were going there. The only way to travel was on foot. When those people reached Ribon after traveling 4000 kilometers on foot, it is possible that they did not return from there after working and settled there and perhaps this was the reason why any of them had any information about the birth of Jesus. Saw a great possibility in the form and this news reached India,

Real Story of Jesus Various things

then three people from India went there, these people also traveled such a long distance and reached Jesus and they waited for Jesus to grow up, then suddenly at the age of 12, from Jerusalem, Disappears Friends, the age for spiritual initiation in India is 12 years, when he returns to Jerusalem after eighteen years, it is believed that for those eighteen years, James was in India where he did intense penance and yoga and now his personality is somewhat And now there was a sparkle of intelligence and enlightenment in his eyes, Meena. Now Jesus stayed here for a few years and then he was crucified. Friends, along with the enemies of Soch, some people were also present there who loved him very much. Who must have made every possible effort to get him through the process.

Various things are said in history like after hanging on the cross, Jesus was taken down and kept in a coffin, according to some people his body disappeared but there is also an incident which further solidifies his relationship with India. It is said that his loved ones took him away and took him away. They spread a rumor that the body of Jesus had gone missing. People of SMS community also lived there who said that their Guru had come from the Himalayas to take Jesus. That form came from India, there is no problem in it, now after this we get a description in history that Mary Magdalene travels to the East with some companions, due to her ill health, she is unable to travel and at some places on the way,

There are many such places in the world that float, such as Sand Bomb, located in the southern part of France, which is still a place of pilgrimage for Christians. Now in the history of ancient Banaras, it is described that two people from the Middle East then came to Banaras, out of which one person was badly injured. His name was Christopher and the other person’s name was Thomas. Even today, Christians in India celebrate Thomas’s arrival in India. Friends, there is a description of his going to South India after spending some time in Varanasi.

He went to Tiruvannamalai and practiced yoga. Started then went to Kerala and built a small temple, then went to Gujarat and left the country but about which no description is available and there is evidence that connects Jesus to Kashmir. It is said that Jesus went to Kashmir and lived his life there. Actually, he died at the age of 71. The people present there claim that the grave of Jesus is present there. This mausoleum is present in Pahalgam of Kashmir, which the local people have been considering as the grave of Jesus. So friends, if we see the Kashmiri people. So, in terms of caste, their appearance is not like that of Indians.

In fact, they resemble Jews. Wasn’t Kashmir also the length of the promise that he had made to his people, that he did not want them to come here? This story connects Jesus with India. Some people have a strong belief and this story has been going on for centuries, we do not know about its truth but the evidence definitely indicates that Jesus Christ had a deep connection with India. How did you like this article? Do tell us in the comments. If you liked the article then please like it as much as possible and support us by sharing so that we can continue to bring similar stories related to Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the true and only God.
Jesus Christ is the true God, who came into this world in the form of a human being, to free and save people from their sins. To save humans from the punishment of their sins, Jesus Christ took the punishment for the sins of humans upon himself. And sacrificed himself. And on the third day after death, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. And he is alive. Jesus Christ is the living God.
Whoever believes in Jesus Christ. And accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! His sins are washed away and he gets eternal life.

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