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Christ is the way to salvation The festival of Christmas is celebrated with great joy all over the world because Lord Jesus Christ was born on this day. Jesus is considered to be the incarnation of God in human form in the world who allowed evil to increase in this world but how did he come into the world? And why was he sentenced to death? According to the Bible, this Christ was born from the womb of a woman named Mary. This woman lived in the village of Nazareth in present-day Israel, who was engaged to a man named Joseph. Both of them were of the same heart. A very good person, what is it that once again July, whose name was Gabriel, this angel i.e. angel came to Mary with the message of God.

How was Jesus born

Angel Gabriel had just told us at that time that this time God will bring a holy spirit in this world. Mary was frightened when she heard that the youth were going away because she was not yet married to Joseph and how could she give birth to a child? Then the angel told her not to worry, calling her a miracle of God. It is said that during this time, Mary had gone to her cousin’s house and came back after 3 months and by then she had become pregnant, after which Joseph agreed to marry her, but on the same night, in Joseph’s dream, God appeared to him. God was far away, that is, he sent an angel and the angel told him about the mystery of the birth of the Holy Spirit from the house of Mary and the angel asked Joseph to marry Mary. Joseph married Mary. Later, when she was pregnant,

Miracle of god

the Roman Emperor there ordered that he should conduct a census of all the people of the country and to conduct the census, every person would have to go to the Bethamine and get his name registered. At that time, there would be a large number of people there. They gathered and on the orders of the emperor, Joseph and Mary also went to sell the census but during that time there was absolutely no room to stop them because by then it was completely filled with people and there was no space. When they met, they had set up their shelter in the animal barn i.e. the animal shed. At this very place, on the night of 25th December, Mary gave birth to the Great Lord Jesus Christ,

whose name has been named God. She was given some shepherds to guard the secret verses of the night. The shepherd was present there and then an angel came to him and told him about the good news. The angel told the shepherd that there is very good news for you, the Son of God has been born on earth, so a very good night for you. It is said that after that many angels appeared in the sky who sang for Jesus and thus everyone welcomed Jesus. Does it come today that the day on which Jesus was born is celebrated all over the world? Jesus shows a star in the sky to three gentlemen, which is also known as the Christmas star. Seeing this, they understood that a holy spirit has taken birth on this earth. Let us tell you that Joseph was a carpenter by profession. After the birth of Jesus,

The Life of Jesus

father Joseph started doing his own carpentry work. Meanwhile, after growing up a little, Jesus also started learning this work with his father. Till the age of about 30 years, he worked in the same village. He used to work as a carpenter while living with his father, although even in the Bible, this Christ’s age ranged from 13 to 29 years.Nothing has been mentioned about it anywhere but in some books it has been said that at this age, this Messiah also came to visit India where he received a lot of education. When this Messiah came to India, he also met the king of Kashmir. The real story of this Christ began when he took education from a saint named Unna John at the age of 30. After completing his education, this Christ started preaching, he started spreading the religion.

What he used to say in his sermons was that God is the embodiment of love in person, who loves all people. What Jesus often said was that all people are children of the lap, hence a person should not get angry and take revenge on anyone. Things are happening but one should forgive and only he is a true person. In this way, this Christ gave a lot of sermons. He told all the people that he is the son of God, he is a machine, he is the path to heaven and salvation. This Christ taught everyone about humanity. Taught a lesson, gave the message of love instead of hatred, this Christ also made 12 disciples, the 12 disciples also took lessons from Jesus and spread the Christian religion.

It is known that this Christ also performed many such miracles while preaching the religion, which People were surprised that Jesus had healed sick people through prayer. His miracles are also mentioned in the Bible, in which it is said that he had brought people back to life with the help of his power and also freed people troubled by evil spirits. Although the teachings of Samoa were quite different from the beliefs of Judaism i.e. Judesam, due to which some of his teachings did not appeal to the fundamentalist people of the Jews, due to which they became opponents of this Christ, on the other hand, many people did not like this.

Who is very happy with the teachings of Jesus, this Christ came to the Temple of Shame to celebrate the festivals of the Jews but I do not fully believe in their religion. According to this Christ, what was written in the scriptures is not religion but the moral Tai Dharma of Jesus. At that time, the Jewish dominated state i.e. the Evinced Dominated Kingdom was ruled by the Roman emperor Tibetans. He appointed a governor who looked after the governance of the state. During this time, due to the miracles of Christ, many people among the Jewish people became free and The people of Israel had accepted that this was the Messiah who freed them from the Roman Empire. During this time, seeing the increasing popularity of this Christ, some fundamentalist people started disliking the Jews and started thinking that a new religion would be established.

This Christ is the way to salvation

Which is not related to the temple of Jerusalem due to which they started considering Jesus Christ against the beliefs of Judaism. Disturbed by his words, some fundamentalist Jews first went to him to complain about the Roman Gwana of his time. It is said that he had no problem with the teachings of Christ, but the Roman people were always worried about the Jewish revolution, due to which To please the fundamentalists, he gave a painful sentence of death to this Christ. As we told you that Jesus had 12 disciples, then before leaving his body, he taught his disciples so that after them, Christians would go to other places. It is said that one day on the 29th, Christ arrived at Garhi or Ru slam, where he had his last meal with all his 12 disciples and there a conspiracy was hatched to punish him. One of his disciples had joined him in the conspiracy.

Story of jesus christ

What is said is that after arresting this Christ, many atrocities were done on him, he was given cruel punishment, he was beaten with thorns, and then before hanging this Christ on the cross, he was given a number of thorns. He was crowned and then he was asked to carry a heavy cross. This Christ carried the cross as far as he could carry it and after that he was crucified. Christians have to kill this Christ while dying on the cross. He took upon himself the sins of all human beings. What is said is that three days after his death, Jesus came back alive and after 40 days went straight to heaven. The day Jesus was crucified is remembered as Good Friday. The day Jesus went to heaven is celebrated as Easter, three days later, although no one knows exactly on which day Jesus was crucified, but according to some historians,

Jesus was crucified. Jesus was crucified on either 7 April 30 AD or 3 April 33 AD. Jesus was crucified on one of these days. The place where Runty was crucified is known as Gol Gutha. This place is the capital of Israel, Rushalaam. In Christian circles it is called the Hill of De Calibri. The Church of the Incarnation is considered the place where Jesus was publicly condemned. He was crucified on the hill of Gol Gota. Hence the Holy Sculpture from the Church of the Assumption. Beating up to flagellation is considered a path of sorrowful suffering. Friends, this was the story of Jesus Christ.

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