Text Message From Jesus

Text Message From Jesus

Today you have a strong Text Message From Jesus my beloved child when one’s faith is question when someone wrongs you or deserts you when the path is obscured when you feel like giving in to the simpler root that temptation is presenting to you when it seems like things will never get better and you are lost and alone paling to hope never forget that you made a pledge I will always be by your side and never abandon you whatever you are dealing with I am sufficient there are moments when you simply have to give you worries expectations and pains to the one who’s wiser the one with unbounded vision

I am that one put all of your worries fears and anxieties on me because I am concerned about if you desire Miracles watch this video through to the end my beloved child in Christ and the Tranquil of the Green Pastures lie down whenever you have the opportunity make it a point to relax and take a break in the presence of your Shepherd my children are to stressed out to find me in the thick of their moments since they are wired for the most of the time because of this electronic age I Incorporated the feeling of needing to relax into your entire being what a perverse State the world has descended into when people feel bad about satisfying this fundamental requirement the amount of time and energy

Happiness Text Message From Jesus

that they throw away by constantly being on the Move rather than making the effort to seek my guidance for their life course of action I have come to invite you to accompany me on Journeys that lead to peace I would like for you to be a Pioneer for those who are interested in living in the trial presence of my presence rather than choosing you because of your strengths I have selected you because of your shortcomings which make you more dependent on me increase your Reliance on me and I will bestow peace upon each and every one of your Journeys all of your energy should be directed towards

trusting me trust is the means by which you maintain your connection to me and remain conscious of my presence a step of faith can be taken at each and every stage of your life’s journey you are able to take baby steps towards trusting others with ease to the point where you can do it nearly unconsciously when it comes to Giant Steps it is an entirely different matter leaping across chasms in semi Darkness climbing Cliffs of uncertainty and trekking through the valley of the shadow of death these accomplishments call for complete and utter dedication to me in addition to intensive attention each of my children has a one of a kind combination of temperament giftedness and the experiences they have had in their lives

Pleasure Text Message From Jesus

it’s possible that something that you consider to be a tiny step could be considered a gigantic step for someone else and vice versa I alone am aware of the degree of difficulty or ease associated with each stage of your journey it is important important to avoid the Temptation too try to impress other people by appearing as if you believe in God do not pass judgment on other people who wait with shivering trepidation before performing an action that would be simple for you to perform if each of my children made it their top priority to please me above all else there would no longer be concerned about the opinions of others nor would

they make an effort to impress other people your attention should be focused on the root that is immediately in front of you as well as on the one who is always by your side while you are focusing your attention on me you should since the light of my presence shining down upon you you must be willing to receive my heavenly gr of approbation therefore open your mind and heart allow my love which is tends with gold to pour over

Delight Text Message From Jesus

you and penetrate to the very core of your being you will experience Blissful Union with me as you become more and more filled with my being I will always be in you and you will always be in me the joy that you find in me and the joy that I find in you become inextricably fused together in the presence of my presence I fill your spirit with joy at my right hand there are Delight FS that will last forever and more the battle for control of your mind is currently taking place and it is a big one Heaven and Earth meet in your mind and the poles of both spheres have an effect on the way you conceptualize things

you are endowed with the ability to taste the flavors of Heaven because I created you you will be able to take pleasure in spending time with me in Heavenly Realms if you choose to shut off the world and concentrate on my presence the lovely ones who belong to me and seek my face are the only ones who are eligible to get this extraordinary honor the desire you have to spend time communing with me is your greatest strength the more you focus on me the more my spirit will fill your thoughts with the peace and life

that you want your thoughts are subjected to a downward pull coming from the world you will be inundated with aice desire and cynicism via the media during this time pray for protection and insight so that you can confront these challenges maintain a steady line of communication with me at all times even as you Traverse the wastelands of this realm it is important to refrain from worrying because worrying will lead you to feel burdened and will prevent you from being aware of my presence maintain your vigilance and be aware of the conflict that is taking place within your thoughts you can look forward to a life that is devoid of conflict for all of eternity which is reserved for you in Paradise I in ordered to receive my love in its entirety

Blessendness Text Message From Jesus

you are the god of Second Chances the Redeemer of all creation father I acknowledge that my heart has grown harder from clinging to my and forgiveness I’ve let resentment and bit us keep me apart from you and from other people I am aware that harboring resentment is against your will and your mandate that we love one another I give thanks to you Lord for your son Jesus Christ as the ultimate Act of forgiveness

I am able to forgive others because of your mercy which has also granted me forgiveness I am eternally grateful to you for compelling me to seek reconciliation via your grace I pray for The Bravery and strength to forgive those who have harmed me today Lord please soften my heart and lead the way as I move in the direction of reconciliation I also ask for your pardon for everything I have done to hurt her sour relations

please assist me in making reparations and let Your Love serve as the pillar on which strain bonds can be repaired so that I can reflect your own Divine love and approach others with humility and affection fill me with your spirit of peace and togetherness Lord please help me to live in harmony with others seek true reconciliation and forgive people people in order to exalt your name I ask in the name of Jesus

into your life and to foster a spirit of Devotion to God we will continue to make constant effort in this regard

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