God says my beloved child close your eyes

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“God says my beloved child close your eyes can you perceive anything no you cannot perceive anything right open your eyes can you perceive anything yes you can but there’s a limit whether you close or open your eyes or take any action you will not be able to perceive your future until I grant you a vision or discuss it with you yet you trust that your assistance originates from me

you also have confidence in my superior plan for you which I will provide at the appropriate moment so why do you fret over your life when uncertain circumstances arise have faith in me and do not cast aside your unwavering trust in me for it holds a splendid and remarkable reward to achieve this you must possess patient endurance to withstand challenging situations without compromising allowing you to fully experience and relish the promises when you’ve carried out my will so my child if your faith and me watch this video till the end grading

my child your words have reached me and I am right here a guiding presence for your moments of uncertainty I include you with the warm temperature of knowledge prepared to illuminate the root beforehand as you stand at the crossroads of selections recognize that your coronary Hearts whispers are not lost on me I provide you the gift of information a beacon of mile to navigate the Labyrinth of bricks

that lie before you trust in yourself for deep within you keep the generator determine what’s right when doubt clouds your mind take a second to breathe and concentrate carefully the answers you are searching for are nestled inside the sanctuary of your soul type 11 11

if you agree as you tread this adventure don’t forget that even when the direction seems doubtful I am via your aspect a gentle whisper guiding you via the Shadows embrace your instincts honor your values and envision the future you aspire to create each step you take however small is a testimony for your strength and braveness may

my presence All For You Solace and Assurance filling your coronary heart with the Tranquility had to make choices that align along with your authentic reason in moments of Doubt near your eyes feel my presence and consider at the selections you’re making sure lead you to the destination you had meant to reach God says type yes if you want to be a light in the darkness Heavenly Father your word in Psalms 111 to 10 says the fear of the Lord is the starting of understanding all who observe me as precepts have properly information

belongs Everlasting praise Divine Lord father thank you for blessing and favoring me I know that you are always running things out for extra plan and cause helped me to look my scenario whether I anticipated or sudden from your angle help Meadow relaxation and the reality that the guarantees you have for my Lifestyles will come to pass DOT in Jesus name

amen type yes if you agree and share this video with nine people who trust God listen this five Bible verse when you feel lonely one and behold I am with you constantly to the give up of age Matthew 28 to 20. 2. he heals the Brokenhearted and binds up their wounds Psalms 147-3 3 draw near to God and will draw close to to you Psalms 121 3 4 the Lord himself is going earlier than you he will in no way go away you nor forsake you dot do not be afraid do not be discouraged and might be with you Deuteronomy

31-8 five don’t be afraid for I am with you don’t be discouraged for I am your God I will improve you and assist you I will maintain you up with my positive proper hand Isaiah 41 to 10. watch the complete video to with this miracle attention listen up I’m thinking about all of you who are going through a huge trial storm assignment attack or disappointment right now it’s so tough while you feel which you’re caught within the center of something you’ll rather be delivered from you need to be anywhere but the scenario you presently locate yourself in you’ve prayed and asked God to exchange clarify or cease what you’re having to Bear you feel that he’s now not being attentive to you or is detached for your confusion

acan Ox I comprehend it’s hard however I need to remind you that if God is allowing you to go through it in preference to turning in you from it there may be a higher cause for it there may be a higher cause for it he has no longer left you deserted you forsaken you nor forgotten you he is with you in the midst of it and his grace is enough for you he loves you he sees you he knows he cares Thai Palm man if you believe and share this video five people

who needs to hear this to your listener join this prayer with me and repeat after me father in the name of Jesus I want to thank you nowadays for a higher existence I think you Lord forgiving me the strength to area My Flesh for teaching me the way to trade my personal existence with the aid of changing my own conduct thank you Father I praise you for the preference to be better to live better to treat my own family and bodies hire todio with myself better and to better my relationship with you

I see now that you virtually are the entirety I need I boldly claim I will no longer pass return to who or what I became I will no longer move again I call my thoughts me Will and my emotions subject to Holy Spirit and I submit my plans to your will Jesus call amen write 222 if you agree gronches Lord I humbly come earlier than you these days and appreciation for all that you have accomplished yet for me

thank you Jesus to your sacrifice so that I can be reconciled to God and let loose from the bondage of sin thank you for enduring so much suffering on my behalf I pray that I will have the same form of electricity to undergo life for your sake on your name I pray amen if you have faith in God right amen affirmations I am confident in expressing my expectancies as I understand what is excellent for me I am grateful for my capacity to stability self-manage and Indulgence I keep myself and others accountable

as a shape of self-love I am on learning mind and behaviors that now not serve me I welcome the possibility to grow in methods formerly deem not possible God has spoken it might not be truthful however I see what’s occurring I have Ewing the palm of my hand I’ve given you enhance for every frustration I’m breathing in your course proper now don’t quit you’re close to the Breakthrough you’re near the brand new starting Lord says type yes if you’ve gotten the free

will God claims I am there with you your existence May additionally appearance or experience Like An Unfinished painting I want you to recognize that despite the fact that you cannot be capable of see this is already completed off by means of me I had already did Innovative and not able work in your life and within the live us off those you adore just do to the fact you can’t see the finished product doesn’t suggest that it’s now not going to be a masterpiece always be assured and consider

that I who started an amazing work will entire art so be relaxation and believe me I am with you continually there are still greater benefits in advance of you than your expectations if you agree God’s words then share this video who is closest to your heart God says you can be going through a state of affairs for a long time you are praying to me for long to convey you out of that State of Affairs if that situation is still continuing don’t worry rather agree with me because I have a plan think approximately what to fell within the existencia of

Joseph he needed to undergo quite a few situation to reach to the blessing which I had for him even within the midst of those Warfare he relied on me he believed thought he am with him and I will in no way fail him dot in The Identical way you dont fear about that scenario if I had positioned you in that scenario then definitely you will see my goodness in your life and through that you’ll deliver glory to me believe in me “

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