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Jesus Message For You now my beloved child now isn’t the time for backing down I’m taking you to some other level there could be limitations pals are going to walk out on you the enemy will try to prevent your worship your faith and your pleasure don’t look to the laughter to the proper preserve your recognition on me I can be with you each step of the way and the Bible voice Psalm always says because he loves me says the Lord I will rescue him

if you follow God my child know what you aren’t on my own on this journey of healing your braveness and searching for Solace touches the depths of my Divine heart I embrace each fragment of your being nurturing you with unconditional love and knowledge the scars born from adolescence trauma or overlo are not your identification there may ago of a painful Beyond together we are able to generally tend to these wounds stitching them with threads of resilience and strength you are worth of love compassion and pleasure feel the warm temperature of my presence enveloping you imparting Solace and comfort allow yourself to launch the burdens

that weigh heavy for your soul you are deserving of happiness and peace remember my child recuperation takes time endrance and self-care be gentle with yourself seek the mild inside for inside use the strength to overcome and Thrive trust in the journey and Advance as I stroll beside you guiding you closer to a brighter extra liberated life Supreme God says typ PS if you praise my name daily affirmation I accept as true Within Myself and agree with that I can figure out whatever problems May additionally get up in my life I am intelligent and extra than capable of overcoming barriers

I actually have established myself time and time once more and will maintain to interrupt through new boundaries in my existence I have what it takes to acquire the entirety I am working in in the direction of dot today I am displaying myself the love I deserve dearly adored child of mine I designed you to live in Union with me this Union does no longer negate who you are it without a doubt makes you extra absolutely yourself when you try and live independently of me you Revel in vacancy and dissatisfaction you you may additionally Advantage the complete International

but lose the whole lot that clearly counts fine success fire dwelling near me yielding to my purposes for you though I can also Lead You alongside paths that feel alien to you consider that I recognize what I am doing if You observe me wholeheartedly you will find out sides of your yourself that have been formerly hidden I understand you in detail a long way higher than you understand yourself dot in Union with me you are whole en closen asto me you are converted increasingly into theonly I designed you to be I am the gate whoever enters through me will saved

I am now not a locked barrier however an open door for Vu for all my selected followers I came into the global so you might have life and have it to the full a complete life with different things for Unique human beings so on your quest to live abundantly don’t compare your instances with the ones of others you don’t want as a whole lot money or as many luxuries as your neighbor if you want to live well godliness with contentment is wonderful benefit I want you to be satisfied with my provision for you

if you have food and apparel the simple requirements of existence are seeking for to be content material with that if I come up with extra respond with joy and thankfulness but do not cling to what you have or covet the longings you do no longer have have the simplest component you can dangle to without harming your soul is me no be counted what you possess on this world take into account little or much plus me equals the entirety if you have confidence in Lord please hit the like button and share this graceful message three people

the scripture says most instances it’s not the massive activities in life are the big breaks that get us in which we want to be it’s the little matters the each day disciplines that pass us forward in the good stuff God has for us I trust there are three things you may do every day that makes change the root of your life number one assume God’s goodness get up each day seeking out God’s favor number understand God’s goodness there are no coincidences no fortunate breaks it’s all the goodness of God and number three always thank God for his goodness

anytime something exact happens huge or little give God the honor Lord thank you for that parking spot Lord thank you for that idea Lord thank you for sending me due in my Wasteland if you do this I accept is true with then claim that you are going to come into greater of God’s goodness that his benefits are going to come want you God is going to open up Supernatural doorways he’s going to flip terrible conditions around H prepared due to the fact something a appropriate is coming your manner you’re going to satisfy your god-given future due to the fact he never forsakes those who are trying to find after him receiving

it by typing 111 my little child you aren’t on this alone never forget about that I’m with you in desirable times and in terrible instances on mountaintops and in valleys in pleasure and in tears in advantages and in Trials whatever you are going through I’m proper there beside you you these days when you sense such as you cannot pass on I will give you strength I will bring you great joy and peace place your faith and trust in me be nevertheless and understand that I’m God blessings are approximately come into your life

due to the fact you persevered do you by no means gave up you remained faithful your dedication aror and endrance helped you preserve going keep trusting me it’s all about to make experience write the God as beside me attention listener join this powerful prayer with me and say it with me thank you oh God because you are our energy strength over our weakness thank you for presenting us the energy to face every circumstance that overwhelmed us that suffocates US problems that almost not possible to conquer or grief to endure thank you that you are all

we want inside the midst of struggling loss and despair you maintain all our wishes Lord need of consolation love Assurance peace and our everyday bread thank you for your faithfulness despite the fact that we doubt we question we procrastinate we sin or lose our wish from time to time thank you that no matter what you’re our positive basis unbreakable unmovable and unshakable I thank you that with you we can face the whole lot the unsure future and every storm that might hit us Lord I Thank you for your everyday provision for our bodily and spiritual food your living word that leads us to the manner Everlasting let us be grateful grateful and glad with the entirety

below the Sun for trials that make us sturdy for food water and Safe Haven is a way to live for our loved ones that love encourage and Aid us for skills and items to percentage for the breath of life oh God and for your first rate colorful breathtaking and terrific Creations Lord those man matters tell us how powerful and remarkable our God is our father the creator of all matters the starting and the quit The Great I Am Our Savior and Redeemer our source of existence light and information to make our lives worth of dwelling Lord show us each day in which we may be beneficial whom we can encourage be of a assist help or Inspire let us be imitators of you each in thoughts words and deeds praise be thy holy name amen if you have faith in God then type amen

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