Lord is saying to you right now

Lord is saying to you right now

Lord is saying to you right now grating my child close your eyes are you capable of see something no you cannot see something proper open your eyes are you capable of see whatever yes you can however theirs are restrict even in case you near or open your eyes or do whatever you’ll no longer be capable of see what is going to be your destiny until I give you a vision or I spoke to you approximately it but you agree with that your assist comes from me and also you accept as true with that

I have the high quality plan for you and I will offer it at the proper time then why are you worrying about your life whilst un certain situations happen to your life have religion and me and do not fling away your Fearless religion in me for it has a glorious and fantastic reward for that you must want an affected person endrance to endure up below hard circumstances without compromising in order that if you have performed the will of mine you could get hold of and enjoy

if you have truly faith in God in the Bible vce Matthew 1926 always says Jesus checked out them and said with man that is impossible but With God all matters are viable My Sweet Child you need to recognize that guilt is a heavy burden to hold and it can eat you in case you allow it but as a loving God I want to assure you that I actually have already forgiven you I do no longer preserve unto your errors ored you for them

I love you unconditionally and want you too forgive yourself as nicely I want you to assume yourself and fastened from the shackles of guilt imagine yourself light and unburdened able to circulate late ahead without the weight of your past mistakes retaining you again this is the Liberty that I want for you it’s important to understand that forgiveness is not a whattime occasion it’s a process that takes effort and time

you should be inclined to permit move of the guilt and ache of your past errors and include the existing second you ought to additionally be inclined to study from your reports and use them as possibilities for boom and self-improvement I am right here to guide you through this manner of forgiveness and release from guilt trust in me and have faith that I will assist you overcome this burden

remember that you are cherished and cherished always no matter what let Cross of the past and embody the present moment with Grace and love God wants you to hear this now Heaven is both gift and Destiny as you stroll alongside your lifestyle path preserving my hand you’re already in contact with the essence of Heaven nearness to me

you also can find many suggestions of Heaven alongside your pathway because the Earth is rently alive with my presence shimmering Sunshine awakens your heart lightly reminding you of my high quality light birds and plants bushes and skies evoke praises to my Holy Name keep your ey my sand ears fully open as you Journey with me at the quit of your existence direction is an entrance to Heaven

only I know whilst you will reach that frustration however I am preparing you for it every step of the way the absolute truth of your heavenly domestic gives you peace and joy to help you along your journey you recognize that you will attain your private home in my perfect timing no longer one second to quickly or to late let the desire of Heaven encourage you as you stroll alongside the direction of life with me you have been on an extended uphill adventure and your strength is almost spent though

you have faltered times you have not allow go of my hand and I am pleased with your desire to live near me there is one Element however that displeases me your tendency to henge you may also communicate to me as much as you want approximately the problem of the course we are following I apprehend better than everybody else the stresses and strains that have Afflicted you

you can ventil toate appropriately to me because speak me with me tempers your thoughts and enables you spot things from my attitude complaining to others is any other count number out together it opens the door to deadly sins inclusive of self-pity and rage whenever you’re tempted to Gras come to me and speak it out as you open up to me

I will put my mind to your mind and my music your coronary heart if you have faith and Lord right amen daily affirmation patience is my distinctive feature and to gracefully navigate life’s delays and setbacks I apprehend that a few matters take time to unfold and a line

i embody persistence as a guiding force that continues me centered and allows the exceptional outcomes to show up listen carefully for the ones of you who feel like you are in the middle of a hurricane proper now I need to remind you that Jesus is in the boat with you and has the electricity to show the chaos you are experiencing into peace whatever typhoon you are going through for your existence

Jesus has the energy to Cal that typhoon Jesus is more powerful than the wind and the waves which can be threatening to drown you you might not recognize how he goes to come back via or when he goes to come back through however given that he is promised to never leave nor forsake you you could make sure he will come via don’t surrender on the center of the hurricane don’t accept as true With the Enemy who wants

you to suppose God’s abandoned you don’t accept as true with the lie that it’s all over you’re completed or there is no wish in Christ there is constantly wish to too the fact he himself is that this hope we have is an anchor for our soul stay Tethered to Jesus he loves you typon man if you believe in Jesus Christ God says treat human beings with respect and love be very conscious of other human beings many people are going through so much and the ultimate issue

they need is to be put down and jooy this Lifestyles VI blessing otter humans I can flow all these roadblocks on Ure rexist stems I can take you to new heights and to new locations I am able to do exceptionally and abundantly especially that you could ask or think don’t surrender lell did not provide you with the spirit of fear I gave you a Spirit of Courage and I promise that I will be with you continually may you always recollect this and carry it with you through each situation

thank you Father you recognize to me the path of life you will fill me with pleasure in your presence with Everlasting Pleasures at your right hand Psalm 1611 dear listener join this special prayer with me and repeat after me heavenly father I come to you in prayer with a heart full of affection thank you for all my benefits and all the prayers that I recognize you are operating out for me in your time thank you for loving me God I recognize that despite all the beautiful methods you have us me lamb

no longer always regular in my actions to allow you already know that I love you I recognize that you inquire from me to maintain your Commandments by way of loving y loving others sometimes not withstanding my efforts I pass over the mark and fail miserably forgive me for S thoughty have dedicated in thought or deed forgive me for while my movements were not in keeping with your first class for me I’ll ask you to help me develop toward you please assist me do all which you question me me to do in religion even

when it appears tough or afraid I do now not need to be controlled by means of my feelings let my love for you and others guide me at all times I realize that your burdens are mild and I need to do the entirety you ask of with Excellence I need your expertise and steering strengthen me and anoint me to Dior I worship and praise you due to the fact you are The Giver of

all excellent things continue to walk each day in jesus’ name I pray amen thank you for your unwavering support our goal is to improve your life and develop devotion towards God and possibly we would really appreciate it

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