God saying God speak to you today : This Message Is Waiting To Be Reached To You

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God saying God speak to you today before my son died on the cross it was prophesied that he would rise on the third day despite knowing about the prophecy the people who knew him as the Son of God did not believe that he would rise again from Death however as I said it happened exactly as foretold they were all astonished to see him alive just like my son had a purpose and was obedient to me and accomplishing my plan to save the whole world similarly each person in this world has a purpose I have sent

you to this world for a specific reason and no matter what is happening in your life it is all part of the plan to accomplish those purposes if you are a Greek comment amen remember there is always a resurrection to all the challenges you are facing in your life when others speculate question or talk about why certain things are happening to you do not let their opinion sway you instead trust in what I have said

A beautiful sky with Jesus descending from the clo

God saying God speak to you today Believing in yourself

I have promised to bless you and I will fulfill that promise others will be surprised to see the blessings that you will receive and the blessings that will flow through you to others Heaven wavering faith in me for I have chosen you as my child and you are always known as my child trust in my plan and I will guide you towards fulfilling your purpose in this world

God saying God speak to you today

Here are seven things Jesus wants you to remember this one rely on him you will survive this period thanks to God he’ll mend whatever needs fixing 2. recognize that God is already active he will change every bad circumstance in your life unless you and your loved ones and Men every broken area three God will grant you strength when you believe you can’t go on he will bring you Joy when you feel discouraged he will create a path when it appears impossible for God sees your mess he sees your secrets he sees what you are struggling with he still cares for you five

God has significant plans for you your days will be filled with blessings progress and development six your upcoming prayer is going to transform your life seven prepare yourself God is about to elevate you to another level in your life get ready for a shift only a select few loyal viewers will remain connected to this video until the very end as God foretold listen up God sees your actions your resilience and your refusal to complain or hold grudges

God saying God speak to you today directly to you

He knows you haven’t given up on life and in due time the right people will come into your life Vindication is on its way and it won’t be a long and drawn-out process test like Joseph who went from being a prisoner to a prince overnight your situation can also turn around rapidly prepare yourself to witness Vindication restoration promotion honor and increased influence in your life it will happen swiftly and unexpectedly keep

God saying God speak to you today

A Powerful Message from God | Don’t Lose Your Hope

Believing in yourself and keep doing what is right your breakthrough is just around the corner type amen if you believe beyond the perception of any I the unimagined surpasses what Annie here has heard and it remains beyond the realm of human Minds what God has readied for those who hold deep affection for him one Corinthians 209 God has spoken
God listened intently to your heartfelt prayer last night he empathized with the anxiety anguish confusion and pain that overwhelmed you every tear you shed for your loved ones your children friends and your situation was seen by him today

God saying God speak to you today

God saying God speak to you today directly to you assuring you that for Every Teardrop for every sleepless night there is a blessing in store he is guiding you out of this difficult season and has dispatched a host of angels to pave the way for you subscribe to channel to growth this community

God says my precious child : I choose you for reason

God declares I implore you not to seek revenge The Path of Revenge only festers the soul and the one who relishes in its wake is the devil let us not give the devil any satisfaction I care deeply for you and I am here to uplift and renew you my love for you is unwavering and I am committed to Bringing restoration into your life I love you and that love will guide us towards healing and renewal

God saying God speak to you today type yes if you praise my name the message you have a choice either handle it yourself or let me handle it for you release your grip on the issue and let your thoughts and words be guided by my word remember you’ve already given your best effort you’re a human limitations won’t Prevail in this situation put your faith in me for I am waging the battle on your behalf feel compel to fulfill in your life then creating you might not have been necessary nonetheless I’ve formed you and brought you into this world as long as you’re still breathing it means

God saying God speak to you today

God says change your life

I have your plan for you instead of worrying have faith in me and trust that there’s a path laid out for you and I heard a loud voice from the throne saying look The Dwelling Place of God is among men and he will live among them and they will be his people and God himself will be with them revelation 21-3 God is saying to you today when your time comes you won’t experience the sting of what seems like an endless weight

God saying God speak to you today

you will humbly recall your Origins and during that Splendid period of elevation into my blessings you will offer thanks and praise for my boundless goodness God is saying dot dot in the midst of your darkest hour when you’re feeling the most discouraged and and certain about the future God is speaking to you just as he did to job and job

God speak to you today : This Message Is Waiting To Be Reached To You Since December

God saying God speak to you today I will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shots of joy take this message to heart for Joy is on its way to you breakthroughs healing and promotion are coming your way God is about to perform something so incredible so extraordinary that it will overwhelm you with gratitude and all you’ll be able to do is laugh with sheer Delight your morning will be turned into dancing and your sorrow will be replaced with uncontainable joy keep your faith strong for brighter days are ahead

So let’s not lose heart of doing what is good at the right time we will reap a harvest of favor if we don’t quit Galatians 6 to 9. God says beloved child today I want to remind you of the power of surrender surrendering to me is not a sign of weakness but an act of trust and surrendering control to my Perfect Plans in your journey you may encountersituations where you feel uncertain overwhelm or incapable and hose moments

God saying God speak to you today

God Message For Today | God’s blessings | How To Put God First In Your Life

I invite you to surrender It All To Me release your worries anxieties and burdens and my capable hands trust working all things together for your good and we ourselves heard this voice made from heaven when we were with them on the sacred Mountain to Peter 1 18. my heart goes out to those of you who are feeling disappointed discouraged and disillusioned right now

God saying God speak to you today

I want to encourage you not to give up it’s true that person should have come through for you and that opportunity should have been yours you fasted prayed and believed in God but the Breakthrough hasn’t come yet it’s disheartening to see someone who hasn’t been living white receive blessings how you’re still waiting feeling overlooked forgotten and seen and unknown as a valid emotion and it’s essential to acknowledge those feelings however

The Devil Doesn’t Want To You Read This Script

we don’t have to let disappointment be the final word in our lives remember there is always hope in Jesus as long as you’re still breathing God is still working on your behalf it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter God is on your side he is for you not against you and he is with you every step of the way Embrace that hope trust in his plans and keep moving forward with faith there are better things ahead and God has incredible things in store for you

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God saying God speak to you today

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