Today Lord is communicating with you

Today Lord is communicating with you

Today Lord is communicating with you my precious kids the things that you are going through me also make it hard to believe me don’t let that show up when Peter heard the storm’s wow he became on foot and water he began to fall he knew in the direction of whom he turned into taking walks nevertheless he started out to fall he targeted ra on the Storm as opposed to trusting me when he centered extra at the hurricane the typhoon made him to tough to consider me even to your life some storms may additionally

come the storms may make you cognizance more on it rather than trusting me at that point do not permit the storm to make it hard to trust me by means of focusing greater at the time typhoon you recognize that you’ve got a promise and I am for all time trustworthy in the direction of those guarantees so in preference to focusing extra at the storms start focusing extra on me have faith in me I have a plan for you via what you are going through

This journey God with you

it God bless you about l in Bible verce Isaiah 54-10 always says though the mountains be shaken and the hills be eliminated but my unfailing love for will not be shaken nor my Covenant of peace be removed says the Lord who is compassion on you my sweet kids you have the power within you to triumph over any obstacle that Comes Your Man manner it won’t be clean however with dedication and perseverance you could conquer your poor thoughts and self- detrimental patterns remember what you aren’t on my own on this journey I am with you

every step of the way whenever you experience misplaced or defeated just call out to me and I can be there to lift you up I will give you the courage and energy to stand your fears and overcome them you are able to attaining notable matters and I believe in you believe in yourself my child and accept as true with that the whole thing will work out ultimately keep your head up excessive and in no way give up on yourself you are cherished and loved and not anything can and change that

God will in no way go away your aspect together

always remember that I am right here for you and I will in no way go away your aspect together we will overcome anything that comes our manner so cross forth with self assurance and realize that you are capable of attaining whatever you place your mind to God said it is impossible to praise or thank me too much as it is written I inhabit the Praises of my people sometimes your adoration is a spontaneous overflow of joy and reaction to radiant beauty or Rich blessings at different instances

your reward is more disciplined and measured an act of your will I stay equally in each style of reward thankfulness additionally is a royal road to attract cloes to me a grateful coronary heart has masses of room for me when you thank me for the numerous Pleasures I provide you verify that I am God from whom all advantages drift one adversity strikes and you thank me any way your trust in my sovereignty is a show peace in invisible nation states fill up the spare moments of your Lifestyles with praise and thanksgiving

I love you with an eternal love that flows out from eternity

this Jo feel will help you stay inside the intimacy of my presence I love you irrespective of how properly vow pearing some times you feel uneasy wondering if you are doing enough to be worth of my love no remember how exemplary your conduct the solution to that question will always be no your performance and my love are totally unique issues which you need to sort out

I love you with an eternal love that flows out from eternity Without Limits or conditions I even have clothed you in my gown of righteous and this is an eternal transaction nothing and no person and opposite at Therefore your accomplishment as a Christian has no relating my love for you even your ability to evaluate how nicely you are doing on a given day is defective your constrained human angle and the situation of your frame with its Mercurial aversions distort

your Lifestyles you have been fire

your evaluations bring your performance anxiety to me and receive in its vicinity my unfailing love try to live aware of my loving presence with you in all that you do and I will direct your steps type our man if you believe in God God is saying you can not let what others have done to you manage the way you treat others surround you not anyone has awful intentions toward you not everybody wants to carry

you down talk to me extra and I will assist you determined the desirable and bad things on your Lifestyles you have been fire a lot on your existence if humans best knew the half of it you have been there for others was through thick and thin you loved them through CH worst of instances you handiest asked for honesty and loyalty and go back you have been

God’s ways

hurt so frequently because of your loving and being concerned heart you even opened your doorways and took on responsibilities that belong to others yet you retain reward and worship me I understand your AAR will never leave you nor forsake you you’re not going through you are coming out in the month of March your whole family goes to be touched by my hand blessings are coming your manner type I love dearly you father listen carefully a lot of times we have our own thoughts approximately things must work out in life Lifestyles

God’s ways are not our ways in scripture God delivered water out of a rock Jesus instructed Peter to hit capture a fish open its mouth and to become the money he needed for taxes another time God caused a younger girl named Mary to have a infant without understanding a man he is God he can use matters we would count on or he can make things happen any other manner with God you don’t should figure everything out all

God would not have a manner remember his approaches

you have to do is trust in fact it says in Proverbs lean not for your personal understanding sometimes there may be no logical solution you were given to turn your mind off if you’re continuously looking to discern it out it’s just going to make you dis gge depressed and pissed off just because Y and see a way doesn’t mean that God would not have a manner remember his approaches are better and he is operating at the back of the scenes in your exact

I actually have Swept Away Your offenses like a cloud your sins just like the morning man return to me for I have redeemed you Isaiah 54-22 dear listeners join me in prayer now oh heavenly father I stand before you today at a Crossroads uncertain about the path beforehand I Renown your sovereignty over my Lifestyles and confirm that you are the God who goes earlier than me making a way with where there seems to be no way

God preserve me from your motive for my life help me

Lord I confess that worry doubt and lack of confidence have paralyzed me from moving ahead earlier that by means of allowing these feelings to control me I have been disobedient to your name to step out in religion I repent for my loss of agree within your ideal plan for me I am profoundly thankful for the power you have supplied me in instances Beyond you have tested that your grace is enough for me and your electricity is made fast in my weak spot

I am grateful for your unfailing love that encourages me to Upward thrust once more even when I’ve fallen today I humbly ask for Renewed Energy and braveness to move ahead fill me with with your Holy Spirit invigorating my soul to face the challenges ahead equip me with the Spiritual armor I want to withstand the snares of the enemy who seeks to

preserve me from your motive for my life help me to not look lower back but to press onward clinging to your guarantees and the waste that is found in Christ Jesus enable me to walk both ly in the path you are made me assured that you are by using my side each step of the manner I laid down my fears and hesitations at your fit selecting to agree with you absolutely as I circulate forward faith in the powerful name of Jesus Christ I pray amen thank you very much for reading this article Till the End

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