How Lucifer Turned From The Angel to Devil 

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Jai Masih to all you Christian brothers and sisters, who is Satan and where does he live and what can he do? Today I am going to tell you about all these topics. In this article, you are going to get very interesting information, How Lucifer Turned From The Angel to Devil  so read this article till the end. First of all, we should know who Satan is. Brothers and sisters, Satan was not Satan from the beginning. He was created as a holy angel. God named him Lucifer. The Bible tells us that Lucifer was also called the shining morning star because when God created the angels, he made Lucifer more beautiful than the rest of the angels. Along with this, he was also intelligent. He was adorned with gems, diamonds, turquoise, sapphire, emerald and all kinds of gems and gold ornaments.

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According to the Bible, Lucifer was a worshipper. When worship was done in heaven, Lucifer used to be the head of the angels and when he walked, sounds like harp and flute were heard. Music came out from within him. He was the form of the shining angel. Lucifer was famous for his beauty and He was proud of his intelligence due to which his mind swelled with pride. He started answering every topic in heaven with intelligence. This is why he left his influence on everyone due to which many angels of heaven became happy with him due to which he became the leader and head angel of all. Due to all these things, Lucifer’s mind became arrogant. He considered himself to be the best, so he turned many angels of heaven to his side and started considering himself equal to God. He wanted to sit on a throne higher than God.

This is why he rebelled against God and turned one third of the angels of heaven to his side. After that, the Bible tells us that Lucifer and his angels fought a war with God’s angels in heaven, in which the angel Michael led the war on behalf of God. God did not interfere in this war in any way. Still Lucifer and his army lost to angel Michael and his army and Lucifer was thrown to the ground. Along with him, one third of his angels were also thrown down from heaven. This is why Lucifer is also called the Fallen Angel. When he was cast down from heaven, God took away all his beauty and now he has become very horrible and cruel.

Brothers and sisters, the kingdom of Satan and his angels is on this earth. The Bible tells us that he is the ruler of this world. Now we know the works of Satan, how he works in this world. Brothers and sisters, the main work of Satan is to deceive people and create doubts about the word of God. Just as he deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, he creates doubts in people’s minds about the word and promise of God so that people have doubts about the existence of God. Along with this, the Word tells us that Satan roams around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

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Brothers and sisters, this world belongs to Satan. Until the Lord Jesus Christ comes to judge this world and imprisons him in hell forever, he will continue to do his work in this world. He wants that people do not believe in Jesus Christ and no one gets saved. That is why the Word says that he has created a conspiracy against humans. The intellect has been blinded so that the light of God’s gospel does not reach people and they do not repent. In this world, Satan makes people his worshippers by offering them various temptations, just as he did with Lord Jesus Christ.

He took Lord Jesus Christ to a high place in the temple and showed him all the splendors of the world and told him that if he bows down and worships me, then I will give him all this splendor. Similarly, today Satan has trapped people in his web by showing them dreams of worldly pleasures and comforts, but we see that just as Lord Jesus Christ scolded Satan and told him that it is written that you should worship only the Lord your God and worship only him, similarly we also have to scold every temptation of Satan in this world in the name of Jesus because it is written that do not do as Satan does, then he will run away from you. Let us now know what will be the end of Satan.

The Bible tells us that he will be tied with a big chain and he will be sent to hell for a thousand years, after this he will be released for some time in which he will mislead people and try to rebel against God. After this it is written that fire will fall from heaven and will consume all those people who had joined Satan and the Satan who made people do this will have to suffer fire and sulphur forever. He will be thrown into hell where he will suffer day and night for ages. Here we should learn one thing that all those people will also go with Satan who denied Lord Jesus Christ in this world and did not obey God’s command. Sisters, this is Satan’s destiny.

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The Bible tells us that the hell pit has been prepared for Satan and his angels and God never wants that man should ever go to that hell pit. That is why God is patient so that everyone gets a chance to repent so that no one perishes but everyone is saved. That is why he sent his only son Lord Jesus Christ to this world so that through him mankind can get forgiveness of sins and salvation. That is why it is written that whoever will take the name of the Lord will be saved.

Brothers and sisters, if you also want to avoid going to this hell pit, then accept Lord Jesus Christ today and dedicate your life to him. I hope you liked this article of ours. We will meet you again with a new topic. Until then, Jai Jesus to all of you.

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