God speak to you today : This Message Is Waiting To Be Reached To You Since December

God speak to you today
oil painting of jesus christ 5

God speak to you today before my son died on the cross it was prophesied that he would rise on the third day despite knowing about the prophecy the people who knew him as the Son of God did not believe that he would rise again from Death

God said I have promised to bless you

God is about to elevate you

God sees your mess he sees your secrets he sees what you are struggling with he still cares for you God has significant plans for you your days will be filled with blessings progress and development six your upcoming prayer is going to transform your life prepare yourself God is about to elevate you to another level in your life

oil painting of jesus christ 6
God speak to you today

your situation can also turn around rapidly prepare yourself to witness Vindication restoration promotion honor and increased influence in your life it will happen swiftly and unexpectedly keep believing in yourself and keep doing what is right your breakthrough is just around the corner

God declares I implore you

God declares I implore you not to seek revenge The Path of Revenge only festers the soul and the one who relishes in its wake is the devil let us not give the devil any satisfaction

God speak to you today

God is saying

God speak to you today

you will humbly recall your Origins and during that Splendid period of elevation into my blessings you will offer thanks and praise for my boundless goodness God is saying dot dot in the midst of your darkest hour when you’re feeling the most discouraged and and certain about the future God is speaking to you just as he did to job and job

All things together for your good and we ourselves heard this voice made from heaven when we were with them on the sacred Mountain to Peter my heart goes out to those of you who are feeling disappointed discouraged and disillusioned right now I want to encourage you not to give up it’s true that person should have come through for you and that opportunity should have been yours

God speak to you today

Always hope in Jesus

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